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Let’s all have fun, no regrets, no matter wat anybody says

Friends R Da’ Best!

        Whenever you feel down or you just need somebody to chill with! Friends are there to hang with you. They are the the best thing to have when you don’t feel like being alone all the time. Trust me I have my best friend with me all the time and i never feel bored, WooHoo! 

        I know everybody has a friend, even if you think that some people just don’t fit in. Those people may be invisible to the popular minds, but they’re people too! Everyone has a friend to hang out with even if they may seem weird or scary or even nerdy there are always people that have the same qualities and personalities! So, please see other people as just another person in an average world cause yes they have friends! 

Love Life

I think it’s kinda stupid how people say life is fucking boring because it isn’t. As long as you get your lazy ass up and do something, your life would be amazing. Nobody wants a “Debby Downer” cause that is just a buzzkill. These are things you can do in an average town:

  • Call your friends and go hang out somewhere!
  • Walk in town just for fresh air.
  • Go to a fucking party even though your not much of a party person cause you will still have fun.
  • Go out for lunch with a friend or a spouse!
  • Hang out with cousins or if you don’t have any hang out with family.
  • Last thing to do is to probably go to the beach or to the movies! Just have a FUCKIN’  good time!